Fans Think A 5SOS/Fall Out Boy Collab Is Coming After Michael Tweets Texts With Pete Wentz

Fans Think A 5SOS Fall Out Boy Collab Is Coming After Michael Tweets Texts with Pete Wentz pete wentz 5 seconds of summer collaboration rumors jpgSave

Could the 5 Seconds of Summer and Fall Out Boy collaboration of our dreams be on the way? Fans certainly have their fingers crossed after Michael Clifford tweeted a text message exchange with Pete Wentz where the “Sugar We’re Going Down” musician joked about joining 5SOS in response to a mysterious texts from Michael.

lol @petewentz

— galaxy michael (@Michael5SOS) September 5, 2018

After responding to *something* Michael sent him, Pete said “Real good. I would be very Short in your band.” Michael responded, “Yeah you’d stand out for sure.” Can we also talk about how he uses an all-caps “LOL” while texting?

While some fans are going as far as to say this is basically confirmation that something is brewing between Petey and the boys, others are simply asking – nay, begging – for there to be some sort of team-up in the near future.


— amina (@SociallyHowell) September 5, 2018

is this your way of warning us about a collab

— lys 55 (@luketsh) September 5, 2018

fall out boy x 5sos collab pls

— jess loves michael | 57 (@flickrirwin) September 5, 2018

Michael’s girlfriend, Crystal Leigh has also voiced her support of an FOB/5SOS collaboration, saying “10000% they should” to a fan who suggested the idea. But maybe she was just playing it cool because that’s already in the works? We hope so.

100000% they should

— Crystal Leigh (@crystalleigh) September 5, 2018

As you may recall, Fall Out Boy and the “Youngblood” guys got into a little scuffle a few years back when drummer Ashton Irwin called Pete “the Justin Bieber of 2007,” and the so-called Justin Bieber of 2007 did NOT take it as a compliment (not that the real Justin Bieber cares of anything…) Pete told MTV in early 2015 that he was “a bit taken aback,” by the comments. “I thought they liked our band,” he said. Luckily, he realized it was just a misunderstanding. “What they meant by it was that they were a band where girls liked them as well and other punk rock bands have had that and that’s what I was like and our band was like.”

Now it looks like the beef rumors are far, far in the past and a collaboration could be coming soon. At least that’s what we’re hoping for.

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