Taylor Swift May Be Working On New Music With Lady Gaga And Miley Cyrus

Taylor Swift might be in the midst of her Reputation stadium tour, but it appears as though the singer already has her sights set on recording new music. Paparazzi photographed her arriving at Electric Lady Studios in the New York City on Wednesday, July 19, the same studio where Lady Gaga is recording her sixth studio album and Miley Cyrus is working on a secret project. This can only mean one thing, right? The musical collaboration of our dreams!

As of right now, it’s all speculation, but why else would Taylor be there? As one fan (@bazswift13) pointed out, Taylor usually works with Jack Antonoff, so why would she visit a studio she doesn’t normally record music at? There are only two possible options here… either she’s collaborating with Gaga and Miley or she’s meeting new producers for her next album now that Jack and her good friend Lena Dunham broke up.

This is a pretty wild rumor, but if fans are correct, three of the most powerful women in music are working on a new song together! It kind of makes sense when you really think about it. Gaga has been kept a pretty low profile in the last few months and as for Miley, well she’s been making headlines after she wiped her Instagram clean of all her photos. She’s definitely up to something and wants our attention. So much so that fans believe she and Liam Hemsworth called off their wedding. They haven’t confirmed it nor addressed it, so something tells us this is all a ploy to get people talking!

Rumors circulated a couple of weeks ago that Gaga and Miley were working together after they were both spotted at the Electric Lady Studios, with inside sources saying the pair is working on new music. Up until now, it has yet to be confirmed, but with Taylor possibly in the mix, too, fans are excited AF.

Seriously it happens to the world 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Taylor Swift leaving Electric Lady study where Miley and Gaga has been .My place where supposedly Miley was recording a secret project 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔#BeReadyForMiley #MileyIsComing

— Miley Is Coming (@Jauregui_Samp) July 18, 2018



— David LeCours II (@DDLECOURS) July 18, 2018

Taylor and Gaga really better collab omfg I don’t even give a f*ck if it flops I just want to listen to them both in one song

— A Gay Is Born ⭐️ (@yourlovingaga) July 18, 2018

If the speculation is accurate, then this would be a first for Taylor, Gaga, and Miley. Whatever it is though, we’ll be happy… even if Taylor only stopped by to say hello. We’re bound to find out soon enough! All we know for sure is that if we ever need a female empowered anthem, it’s now – and who better to bless us with one than these three badass ladies? It’s almost shocking it hasn’t happened already.

Over the years, Taylor and Miley have never had any drama, but Gaga once admitted that she didn’t take really take Taylor seriously. Back in December 2014, she told Howard Stern a story about the time she spoke to Taylor at the AMAs. “Her and I were sitting next to each other and she goes, ‘Oh my God! I love ARTPOP. I love ‘Applause,” and ”Applause’ is my favorite song,’” she said.

Gaga continued, “I was thinking, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. This chick is full of sh*t,’ But then my buddy called me, Brandon, who’s my stylist, and she was doing a shoot and he was styling her… He goes, ‘Taylor Swift is in here blasting ARTPOP so loud, and she is dancing and she’s posing.’”

She later admitted she was wrong to judge. “I said to myself, ‘I like this girl.’ You know why? Because she said the same thing to my face as she said behind my back,” Gaga said. “Yeah, I like her.”

We’re glad she had a change of heart. Taylor may not be liked by everyone, but she’s a force to be reckoned with and one of the many reasons why this rumored collab has the potential to be EVERYTHING!

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