Charmed Reboot Casts Lord Of The Rings Star Craig Parker As Possible Villain

The new Charmed Ones are going to have a handsome new character to face off against this season! With just under a month to go before the debut of the Charmed reboot, the show may have revealed its first villain after Lord of the Rings actor Craig Parker was reportedly added to the cast. While we know he’ll be playing a CEO, there’s speculation that the character may be a villain out to get the new trio of witches.

According to TVLine, Craig will play Alastair Caine, “the CEO of Morningstar Biotech and a benefactor of the Hilltowne University laboratory, which happens to be where Macy works. A charismatic businessman, Alastair will wreak a bit of havoc in the girls’ magical and personal lives.”

The words Morningstar might have caught your eye especially because it’s a name often associated with Satan. Also, if you watched the original Charmed, which ran from 1998-2006, Alastair was the name of a demon that appeared in a season four episode titled “Brain Drain.” It’s unclear if the new Alastair will have any connection to that one, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

As pointed out, Craig’s character also shares a lot of similarities with another original Charmed character named Rex Buckland. Rex was the evil CEO of a company Prue Halliwell (Shannen Doherty) worked at during season one. He tried to destroy her and her sisters to steal their powers but was killed off before he could cause too much damage. Rex also briefly dated Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and as Charmed reboot description hints at, Alastair might be romantically involved with one of the new sisters, too.

We’re loving all the new details! Ever since The CW announced the reboot, the show has been met with a divided fan base. Some love the idea of having the Charmed Ones back on TV, while others aren’t too pleased that the show they knew and loved in the ’90s is getting an “unneccesary” update.

Still, it’s important we give the new stars the chance they deserve. Melonie Diaz, Sarah Jeffrey, and Madelaine Mantock will take on the roles of the sister witches. The actresses play Mel (Melonie), Maggie (Sarah), and their recently discovered half-sister Macy (Madelaine), whose lives are turned upside down after the death of their mother and the realization that they have powers.

So far, all their characters have been introduced in the Charmed reboot’s trailer, including their new whitelighter – a college professor named Harry Greenwood – played by Rupert Evans. However, little is known about which forces of evil they’ll be up against… until now.

Charmed premieres on The CW Sunday, October 14 and 9 PM EST.

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