Will Arnett Jokes About Dating Jason Bateman, Reminds Me How Underrated Their Bromance Is

Will Arnett gave an amazing interview to E! News that provides a helpful reminder of what an underrated (b)romance he has withonscreen hermano Jason Bateman. Sure, we knew they were friends, but have we taken the time to full appreciate it? Have we given them enough standing ovations? Written them enough thank you notes? I say we haven’t, but that all changes today.

In a video interview promoting his new show The Millers, Will “jokes” that he’s dated all the guys in the cast of Arrested Development, and that includes Jason Bateman, with whom he was recently photographed holding hands on a stroll through New York City. Will explains that incident in the frankest of terms. He’s got nothing to hide.

“Jason and I were just looking to have a little pied-à-terre in the city,” Will explains of their “candid” photo sesh with a paparazzo. “And look, we’re not dating per se. And obviously she—he would like to. But he is such a great guy. He’s a noisy bottom. I’ll give him that!”

And here I was thinking nobody would beat Michael Douglas in the “joking sexually about your male co-star” category, but leave it to good ol’ GOB Bluth to do just that. I’m so glad that when Will and Amy aren’t giving us Parent Trap fantasies by sitting backstage together at the Emmys, they have wonderful lovahs to keep them company. And I’m not talking about Katie Lee and Nick Kroll. I’m talking about Jason Bateman and Aubrey Plaza. I would have said Tina Fey, but as far as I know Amy and Tina have never made out for the paparazzi.

But seriously, why have we neglected to praise Jason and Will’s relationship for so long? There’s nothing better than a set of celebrity BFFs, especially ones who are so BFF-y they put each other’s names in their Twitter bios. I know this because I followed them at the same time and their bios appear one after the other in my “Following” section, which I will treasure forever. And yes, the humor of the fact that Jason is on the bottom is not lost on me.

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