3 Summer Honeymoon Ideas

My Husband and I just celebrated our 8th year wedding anniversary and the 10th year of us knowing each other. To celebrate, Hubby whisked me away to a romantic out-of-town trip, we had a nice, romantic dinner at a posh restaurant. We went to the hot pools, had a massage and just spent 2 days basking in each other’s company.

That kind of trip I’d say is a typical list of activities you’d do on a lazy honeymoon. If you’re not the type to just laze around, you could try other things. There are 3 things you can do for a summer honeymoon that you might enjoy. I’m keen to try these out myself:

1. Houseboat honeymoon — Hubby and I are not great yachties but it’ll be nice to hire a houseboat and spend a week’s cruise exploring new places!

2. Monastery Honeymoon — do not laugh. Some couples will enjoy communing with nature and their spirituality for their honeymoon!

3. Home exchange honeymoon — you can also opt to do a home exchange for your honeymoon. A much cost-effective option in these financially trying times!

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