Leonardo DiCaprio is Reportedly Dating a Victoria’s Secret Model

It is said that only two things  are certain in life: death and taxes. Well, I formally request we add something else to that list. And that is multi-millionaire Leonardo DiCaprio dating models. Just when we thought Leo finally getting that damn Oscar would completely change him (I guess it only radically shook everyone else’s world), he is back keeping the company of a beautiful woman.

The new model in Leo’s life is Chelsey Weimar, who has modeled for Victoria’s Secret Pink. The two were spotted together at Malibu restaurant Nobu, which doesn’t exactly scream confirmed relationship, but we’ll take it. To back that up, sources believe that some of Chelsey’s Instagram shots were taken at Leo’s Los Angeles homes. There aren’t many pictures on her page but this video of a glamorous fire pit overlooking L.A. in all it’s decadent splendor would definitely fit the bill of a Leonardo DiCaprio humble abode.

However before we start getting too invested in the relationship, we might have to listen to a source at Page Six who threw some cold water on the dating rumors by saying that Leo “isn’t spending time with anyone. Most of his time lately has been in places like indonesia, trying to help save the ecosystem.” As admirable as that is, if Leo can’t both save the ecosystem AND date a smokin’ hot Victoria’s Secret model, then what’s it all been about? I mean, really. Leo, you and your Oscar, which I’m sure is in a backpack you keep with you at all times, deserve the utmost happiness. Stay strong, buddy.

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