Gwen Stefani Thinks She’s Being So Original With This Fake Pregnancy Announcement

Oh Gwen Stefani, why’d you have to go and make me dislike you? I used to think you were the shit, with your impeccable platinum blonde hair and your rocker-chic children and your catchy tunes and your moderate exposure to the public eye. Then you got divorced and started dating Blake Shelton and rubbing it in our faces every chance you got, and I now find you to be one of the most annoying celebrities around. This fake pregnancy announcement you just posted for April Fools’ Day isn’t helping.

Gwen posted an ultrasound picture on her Instagram this morning with the caption, “It’s a girl!” E! News suggests it’s a tongue-in-cheek response to InTouch magazine’s claim that she’s expecting a “miracle baby.”

To be fair, I tend to hate 99% of April Fools’ jokes. I hate that there’s an entire day where I have to side-eye everything I see or hear or read just in case someone’s trying to pull my leg. It’s gotten to the point where someone says “Good morning!” to me and I expect the next words out of their mouth to be, “Ha! April Fools’! It’s 12:01 PM. Not morning anymore, sucker!”

So yeah, I’m sort of predisposed to hate Gwen’s pregnancy prank. But the thing is, she’s not even being original about it. This is far from the first time someone, even a celebrity, has pretended to be pregnant. A few years ago Lindsay Lohan did it on Twitter. A fake Mila Kunis did it on Facebook. And I’m sure plenty of normal ladies have done it too, and thought they were sooo hilarious for it.

I do have to wonder whose baby that is in the ultrasound. I just imagine some mother looking at Gwen’s post and going, “Hey, that’s my ultrasound. Little Madison is four years old now. What gives, Gwen Stefani?”

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