EXCLUSIVE: GLOW’s Britney Young Talks Body-Positivity & Netflix’s Wait to Renew Season 3

I think I speak for a lot of GLOW fans when I say where the %&[email protected] is Netflix’s season three announcement? After Stranger Things season two came out last year, there was a third season confirmed in about a month. When 13 Reasons Why came out earlier this year, there was a third season confirmed in a matter of weeks. Meanwhile, GLOW, which has two Emmy nominations under its belt, is still waiting for the go-ahead for its third season after season two premiered in the end of June. And after the 2018 Netflix TCA came and went with not a word about the show’s renewal, fans were rightfully worried (and a little pissed). chatted with Britney Young, who plays Carmen “Machu Picchu” Wade on GLOW to talk about the fate of the show, what it has in store if it DOES get picked up for a third season, body-positivity, and the limitations of most plus-size character roles in Hollywood.

Britney knows about as much as we do about whether Netflix is going to grace GLOW fans with a third season. But before we freak out too much, she feels fairly confident that it’s definitely going to happen and that there are some fun things in store for her character when it finally comes to fruition.

“I haven’t been told what
the hold up is.”

“We, as a cast, are very much hoping we get a season three,” she said. “[At the TCAs] we all were like, ‘oh, I wonder if they’re going to announce the season three. That would be great.’ I haven’t been told what the hold up is. But Netflix is such a great company, and I trust all the decisions that they make. So if there is a hold up on something, I know that they’re probably just working things out, because I’m really, really confident that we will get a season three.”

“As a cast, we would love to do it. We, as a production, would love to do it. Fans want us to do it. I know that Netflix is really behind the show, so I really do expect a season three announcement to be coming soon. … And if we don’t get one, I’m seriously gonna march into Netflix headquarters and be like, ‘I need to speak to whoever made this decision and I need to be told to my face why we didn’t get a season three.’” We can all agree that if Britney does have to do that, we’ll all be standing right behind her waiting for answers, as well.

“I think none of us girls have really been told where the show is going to go beyond knowing that season three will take place in Vegas,” Britney mentioned. “[Carmen’s] kind of a goody-two-shoes, good girl. And towards the end [of season two] with the bong scene, we kind of saw a little bit of a bad side from her. So I am just really curious to see what she would get up to in Vegas, especially with this group of girls. I don’t know, either she’s going to completely not do anything like she’ll be in bed at 10 o’clock each night, or she’s going to be running the strip, you know? It’s either-or for her, and I’m just really excited to see where they’ll go.”

“The security guard, the prison inmate…
They’re kind of these very stereotypical characters
that we’ve seen plus-size women play on TV for years.”

Speaking of Carmen’s character transformation throughout the two seasons, elsewhere in the interview, Britney discussed the lack of versatile plus-size roles there are in Hollywood and how playing this particular character is groundbreaking for the body-positivity movement that we’ve started to see emerging more in recent years amongst celebrities. Unfortunately, though, it’s a movement that hasn’t necessarily transferred to on-screen roles yet.

“My favorite thing about playing Carmen is that she is unlike any character I’ve ever played, specifically unlike any plus-size character I’ve ever played,” Britney said. “A lot of plus-size roles that I get to go out for are always the bully or the aggressive, menacing characters: the security guard, the prison inmate, you know? They’re kind of these very stereotypical characters that we’ve seen plus-size women play on TV for years. When I actually got the casting breakdown for Carmen, and I saw that they were asking for someone who is sweet, and gentle, and kind, I knew I had to go for this because it’s something I’ve never been asked to play.”

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She continued, “The body positivity movement is really picking up momentum. People are jumping on board and finally speaking out about kind of all of these wrongs that are happening, but on screen, we’re still kind of stuck in this mentality that you have to look a certain way or be a certain way in order to play real-life characters. If you were to walk down the street, you barely see any of the people that you see on TV.” Lucky for women and men everywhere, characters like Carmen Wade are helping to change that – and hopefully, more TV shows across the board will start following GLOW’s lead as it concerns strong and unique female characters from diverse backgrounds. Now let’s just hope we get some more of that inspiration with a season three!

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