Primate Embryo Gene
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What's inside

  • 168 RNAseq libraries (coming soon !) and 58 array libraries representing:
    • GV stage oocytes
    • MII stage oocytes
    • 8-cell stage embryos
    • Morula stage embryos
    • Blastocyst stage embryos
    • Cumulus cells
    • Granulosa Cells
    • ES cells
    • TS cells
  • Array data from other published murine studies
  • Single gene expression profiles
  • Biological effects of:
    • Seasonality
    • In vitro maturation
    • Maternal sucrose consumption
    • Maternal binge ethanol drinking
    • Follistatin treatment
    • Endocrine disruptor chemicals (coming soon !)
  • Protein Expression Data
    • Literature mining tool
    • Original immunofluorescence images
  • Protocols
  • Publications
  • Reproductive biology links
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